As Executive Producer, General Producer, Field Producer and Ethnologic Adviser


‘‘Water Drums, An Ancestral Encounter’’ is a documentary film that shows the strength of the African roots in the Venezuelan musical manifestations. The history of the Afro descendants Venezuelans is set up in the film when the central character finds the ‘water drums’ , a peculiar and stunning musical expression of the region of Barlovento. The aquatic chimes from the water drums will become the medium from our history that will come across two continents, Africa and America, to bring them together.Long distances become close when the roots are strong enough to stumble upon time.


Director, Writter and Producer: Clarissa Duque
Executive Producer: Andreina Gómez
Cinematographer: John Marquez y Gerard Uzcategui.
Release Date: 2009
Sound: David De Luca.
Year of production: 2009
Country of Production: Venezuela-Camerun
Documentary Research: Clarissa Duque
Documentary Research adviser: Andreina Gómez
Documentary Research Barlovento: Richard Milano
Editing: Manuel Rugeles.
Genre: Documentary (Feature Film)