As General Producer and Field Producer


The last year of El Congo Mirador tells how a girl, a teacher and a political leader face the gradual disappearance of their people El Congo Mirador and prepare to migrate, in times when ruin and helplessness reigns in the region. When suddenly, hope It emerges in the shape of a ship called “Venezuela.”

The story takes place in El Congo Mirador, a tiny water village, framed in a landscape of silvery sea and exuberant jungle, illuminated by the most beautiful light that have been seen. Well-deserved expression that characterizes the Zulia state in Venezuela: land for the sun loved Blessed the landscape also by the Catatumbo lightning, which remembers almost everything the year that life is a mystery. This is also the region that provides much of the oil in the world: Lake Maracaibo.


Original Title: The last year of El congo Mirador.
Genre: Documental.
Duration: 90 Minutos.
Format: Digital Cinema.
Director: Anabel Rodríguez.
Producer Executive: Sepp Brudermann
Field and general Production: Andreina Gómez
Photography Director: Jhon Marquez.
Sound: Marcos Salaverria, Gherman Gil.
Year of Production: 2015-2016.
Actual state: Postproduccion.
Countries of production: Venezuela, Brasil and Austria.

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