As Producer


A table set for three people, where only two are having breakfast. A father who seeks refuge in his work and a daughter who makes up legends about the sea to face the grief for her mother who is no longer there.

On a lonely island, Aymara, a 5 year old girl and her father, a humble carpenter who restores old boats, accompany each other along the solitary road to accepting the loss of a loved one. However, one day Aymara decides to take her own path.


Director: Clarissa Duque
Producers: Andreina Gomez, Sorel Fabiani
Editor: Eduardo GarcĂ­a
Executive Producers: Ines Massa, Federica Porte
Cinematographer: Michell Rivas
Sound: Marco Salaverria
Duration: 10 minutes
Year of production: 2017
Country of production: Venezuela