As Producer, Director and Anthropologic Researcher


In Venezuela in the Macanao Peninsula of the Nueva Esparta State, in the bosom of the Hernández Marín family is born a girl with particular appearance, the mother seeing her takes her in his arms, cries with agony, his father seeing her looks at his wife with suspicion. The mother in his tears manifests the seal of fear that the embargo from the beginning of your pregnancy. The myth says: that a man nicknamed “Quentin” at the beginning of the 20th century cast a curse on the peninsula and for that reason many children are born sick. This serial documentary looks capture the attention of young people of the peninsula and the continent Latin American, allowing them to recognize themselves in their condition genetics opening the reflection on cultural solutions in its
conformation of family.


Anthropological research, script and direction: Andreina Gómez.
General Producer: Karibay Duque
Photography Director: Darwin Moreno
Animation:Vanesa Rodriguez, Alberto Urdaneta
Edition:David Mosquera
Format: Digital HD
Duration: 24 minutes.
Chapters: 4
Production country: Venezuela
Year of production: 2014-2015
Status: On air at Canal Digital TV- Concienciatv-Venezuela: 2016


Gigda Villaruel (10) was born with Vitiligo disease, the treatment of
a depigmentation of the skin that manifests itself with white spots.
The scientific voice is represented by Dr. Abel Peleo and the voice
anthropological Dr. Jaqueline Clarac and Andreina Gómez.

Hermelinda Marín (42) is a mother who lost her daughters a year ago
(15) because of Mucopolysaccharidosis Syndrome. Those affected do not
can produce the enzyme that degrades the so-called mucopolysaccharides
(complex carbohydrates) to convert them into simple molecules. The
lack of this enzyme causes mucopolysaccharides to accumulate
the cells of all organs, especially in the brain,
causing a multitude of physical anomalies. Degenerative disability. The
Scientific voice is represented by Dr. Liliana Vera and the voice
anthropological study by Dr. Jaqueline Clarac and Andreina Gómez.

Portrays a day of the everyday life of La Marín Marín (8), she was born
with Usher Syndrome (Deaf-Blindness) which also includes
disorder of the balance of the body. The scientific voice represents the
Dr. Genetic Biologist Rene Utrera and the anthropological voice of Andreina

Adrubelys Marín (19) in a teenager who was born Macanao Syndrome
(Focal recessive ectodermal dysplasia), deals with disorder
phenotypic in the face, hands, feet and little sweating. The voice
is represented by Dr. Venancio Simosa León and the voice
anthropology of Andreina Gómez.

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