As Director and Scripter


Guárama is a documentary series that brings to the screen the work of Venezuelan women, where the interaction of two girls in the process and development of certain goods or services, aims to contrast and make visible teamwork that has been overlapped by compound names and acronyms. The humanization of science will be reflected through the work of our two capitular protagonists, who work in everyday scientific-technological processes that go unnoticed by the common user, but through this series will know the complexity of the different processes that are carried out to meet the diverse social needs.


Producer and Director general: Ivan Mario Maldonado.
Director: 1 Chapter: Andreina Gomez con acento en la o.
Photography Director: Santiago Garrido.
Sound: Jorge Marquez.
Country of Production: Venezuela
Year of production: 2014-2015
Status: On air at Canal Digital TV- Concienciatv-Venezuela: 2017


It is the story of two women, one from the countryside and the other from the city, both important to Venezuelan society as “Afro-descendants”, María Castillo, a peasant from the village of Birongo, contrasted with the story of the important Afro-Venezuelan political activist Beatriz Aiffil.

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