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BELEN knew an immortal warrior of daily battles, queen of Quitiplá, teacher of bamboo (of her sounds and silences). Humble cocoa farmer and musician from a small Afro-Venezuelan town. Queen Mother, common ancestor for the elongated family of the African Diaspora, their historical struggles and the drumming of their drums. Inspiration, spirit, resonant: Bethlehem.

An unusual portrait that gives space to the evocation and representation of memory. A journey towards the reminiscences of his life (and death) captured in more than 100 hours of footage found amateur and evoked in the mirror gestures of multiple points of view. A path towards understanding the power of music, of humble and authentic actions, for social transformation.


Genre: Documentary Film Duración: 94 minutes Country of production: Spain, Venezuela Format: HD Sound: Dolby 5.1 Languages: spanish, english Script and Direction: Adriana Vila Guevara Director’s Assistant: Luis Macías Barragán Executive Producer: Jose Ernesto Martínez Development Producer: Andreina Gómez Photography Direction: Gerard Uzcátegui Staging: Diana Toucedo Pre-Staging: Ariadna Ribas Sound Design: Gustavo Gonzalez, Gabriel Delgado Field Sound: Frank Rojas, Efraín rojas Music: Juan Rodríguez Berbín, Jackeline Rago, Brother AH, Papá Roncón, Grupo Elegguá Executive producer in Venezuela: José E. Martínez Executive producer in Spain: Antonia Casado Ruíz Director’s Production: Patricia Ramírez

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