As Excutive Producer, General Producer and Field Production


A day on the plain, one might think, is a day of arduous chores, and it is, but when the song opens space between the domains of the wind, all, both men and animals, lighten their sorrow and forget it. A man on the plain, you might believe, is a loner, and he is, but in his soul resides a living source of musicality. The life of the plain, one might suppose, is ending, but the tasks and singing are galloping alive with modernity, resisting oblivion. This documentary shows a world that imposes itself freely, reclaiming its place and its moment, singing to life.


Direction and Script: Miguel Guedez
Executive Production and General Production: Andreina Gómez.
Delegate Producer: Nora Marcano
Field Production: Felipe Falcón, Andreina Gómez
Photography Director: Gerard Uzcátegui
Editor: Salvatore Compagnone
Sound: Carlos Martinez
Audio Post-Production: Jorge Herrera
Graphic Design Salvatore Compagnone
: Gerar Uzcátegui and Miguel Guedez.
Genre: Documentary.
Duration: 45 minutos.
Year of Production: 2010.
Countries of production: Venezuela.

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